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powerful black motorcycle on highway in country

Whether it’s your primary mode of transportation or a ride you save for a sunny day, your motorcycle is a valuable piece of equipment. Make sure it’s well protected both on the road and off with the right insurance policy.

Choosing motorcycle insurance can be difficult, but here are three points to keep in mind as you zero in on the right insurance company and policy for you:

There Are Requirements for Your Motorcycle Coverage

The requirements for motorcycle insurance in Georgia are like the requirements for regular car insurance. State laws require motorcyclists to buy liability insurance to cover the other party if you are ever the at-fault driver in an accident. Minimum bodily injury liability in Georgia is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident; minimum property damage liability is $25,000 per accident.

Add-Ons to Consider Purchasing

You’ll likely benefit from adding additional coverage to your motorcycle insurance policy, including:

Comprehensive Coverage

This option comes into play if anything happens to your vehicle other than an accident with another vehicle. Examples include theft, animal collision, single-motorcycle accidents, etc.

Collision Coverage

Collison coverage protects your motorcycle in the event of damage from a collision, whether you’re the at-fault party or not.

Carried Contents Coverage

Carried Contents coverage will protect you up to a certain limit for the value of your personal effects that are on your motorcycle when you are out on a ride.

Trip Interruption Coverage

Trip Interruption coverage can provide additional roadside assistance coverage for lodging, transportation, and food if you break down more than 100 miles from home.

Additional Accessory Coverage

Additional Accessory coverage protects your motorcycle’s aftermarket parts and accessories.

Motorcycle Rental Coverage

Motorcycle Rental coverage transfers your policy’s coverage to a rental or loaner motorcycle when your motorcycle is in the shop or unavailable.

Discount Opportunities

There are several discounts and other ways to help lessen your annual costs for your motorcycle insurance. Opportunities include:

  • Bundling your coverage with other policies like regular auto insurance or homeowners insurance
  • Insuring additional motorcycles through the same company
  • Being a safe driver and maintaining a clean driving record
  • Passing a motorcycle training or safety course
  • Qualifying for a mature rider discount (for longtime riders and those over 55 years of age)

The team at Solomon, Deaton, & Buice understands how important your motorcycle is to you. That’s why our agents will work with you to find the best protection for yourself and your vehicle. Talk to us about your motorcycle insurance needs today: 866-357-1730