Independent Life Insurance Agents

Solomon Deaton & Buice’s independent life insurance agents can help you secure the future for your family. No matter your age, it’s necessary to protect your family’s financial future. Our team can help you navigate your coverage options and find the best plan for your situation and your family’s future financial needs.

Why Choose Solomon Deaton & Buice for Life Insurance?

Types of Life Insurance Policies We Offer

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides a level death benefit for a 10, 20, or 30-year period and is often the most affordable way to purchase life insurance coverage for you or a member of your family. Term life insurance can provide coverage to meet future needs, such as living expenses, college tuition, or to pay off a home mortgage.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a permanent policy that allows you to have a certain amount of coverage in place for your entire life. Whole life policies also provide a cash surrender value that grows each year as you continue to pay premiums.

Children’s Life Insurance

Children’s life insurance policies are an investment in your family’s future and often have a coverage benefit and cash value that grows with your child. Your child can eventually own the policy and use it for their own family’s life insurance needs after they reach a certain age.