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There is so much to consider when operating your business and choosing the right commercial auto insurance policy is no exception. Your drivers and company vehicles all need strong protection in case there is ever an accident on the road. If you have multiple vehicles in operation for your business, consider the benefits of fleet insurance coverage.

How Fleet Size Impacts Coverage Options

When determining commercial auto insurance for your business, the insurance company will first look at the number of cars or trucks covered on the policy.

Small Fleets

Sometimes called “mini fleets,” small fleets are typically associated with small- to mid-sized businesses and only feature a handful of company cars. In cases that involve less than 10 vehicles, small fleet insurance is usually the most suitable option.

Not every carrier is the same when it comes to deciding what qualifies as a small fleet. While one carrier may require a minimum of five commercial vehicles to receive fleet coverage, another may consider two cars or more a fleet.

Large Fleets

For businesses that operate with more than 10 vehicles, large fleet insurance is the way to go. This could apply to a plumbing company that sends out 15 vans a day, or it could fit a nationwide trucking company that manages over one thousand trucks daily. Your insurance broker can help you decide how to navigate the many large fleet options available and find the one that fits your fleet size.

Fleet Coverage Benefits

One of the biggest benefits to fleet coverage in Georgia is that it provides a blanket of coverage over all the vehicles utilized by your business. Each vehicle under the insurance policy receives the same coverage, and each driver listed on the policy is covered, too.

Commercial Auto Insurance protects your vehicles and drivers against damages and any sort of loss in case of an accident. Under fleet coverage, drivers do not have to be assigned to any particular company vehicle, and they can trust that they receive at least the minimum commercial coverage required in Georgia if an accident does occur.

Shopping for commercial auto insurance can be daunting, but the agents at Solomon, Deaton, & Buice are available to find the best fleet coverage for your company. Let us know about your business needs today: 866-357-1730